"The non-specific position of any given person"
Michael Rerick

The non-specific position of any given person generally plotted in the global system, from floating asleep on products assembled by hands slipping between sewing machines to a voice Skyped or typed away, is de facto inclusion into the humbleness and despair of the Beatitudes. The Ivy League actor must suffer our fame. Occupy Wall Street must be pitied its persecution from democracy. The rapid pace of change and media coverage of the Arab Spring and the elections held in Egypt detract from the mythology of revolution when the legend cannot be stewed from mouth to mouth and ossify into anonymous stories and fictions. We pay admission and root for Wolverine’s redemption for all the lives he’s taken with his claws because Saint Augustine felt a child guilty of desiring the world. We want change and we get it. A photograph of two cousins in a red wagon that can never be small and wheeled again is reenacted by Ripley in the future loading her gun in Aliens with steam on an elevator going up.